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    Omni-direction Publicity   Gathering Industry Sights
    Media Ads: We form an alliance with the professional media in the industry, and expand and increase the exhibition influence greatly by publicities and reports of hundreds of professional newspapers, magazines, websites, radio stations and TV stations.
    Mailshot: Making use of a huge database, the sponsor makes invitations to related enterprises, purchasers and experts by mail, to ensure the really intended purchasers can attend the exhibition.
    Tour Publicity: We participate in domestic similar seminars with large scale; publicize and promote directly to professional traders and organize audiences.

    Plan of Complimentary Tickets: The sponsor will print 500,000 elegant invitation cards and send them to dozens of foreign countries and regions, 30 domestic provincial cities, 400 prefecture-level cities and 2500 county-level cities.

    SIFF EXPO 2021 the Fifth SIFF EXPO contact points

    Telephone: + 86- 021— 5646 8963     Fax: + 86-021—5646 9065