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    [Exhibition Expenses] (Note: a 20% additional fees of the exhibition expenses will be charged for double opening booths.)

    Standard Booth
    Basic price for open spaces  (an area no less than 36㎡)
    Booths in block A
    11800 RMB/booth
    1000 RMB/ ㎡ for the whole EXPO period
    Booths in block B
    9800 RMB/booth
    800 RMB/ ㎡ for the whole EXPO period

    Advertisement On The Journal (size 210mm*285mm)
    Bottom cover
    Cover I II
    Cover III
    Across    the colorpage
    Within    the catalogue
    Black and white page
    30000 RMB
    20000 RMB
    15000 RMB
    8000 RMB
    8000 RMB
    6000 RMB
    1200 RMB
    n         Booth equipped with: illumination, wastepaper baskets, exhibition lintel board, one table with two chairs, two spotlights, 220 v power socket, security, cleaning, carpet, etc.. (Note: The site construction management fees for special decorate booth shall be taken on your own. Special electricity utilization please declare in advance. Additional fees will be charged.
    SIFF EXPO 2021 the Fifth SIFF EXPO contact points

    Telephone: + 86- 021— 5646 8963     Fax: + 86-021—5646 9065